About Us

Barrons-Hunter was conceived when two graduates of the University of Virginia were quail hunting in the South Carolina Low Country. While enjoying an oyster roast before dinner, they noticed one of the elegantly dressed guests was wearing a colorful ribbon belt. When asked about the belt he explained that he had bought it years before but could no longer find the same quality and color at any of his favorite men’s stores.

It seemed like a niche that needed filling, so with the quail as our logo Barrons-Hunter was founded with a mission to make the highest quality, best looking, men’s accessories available. Using the finest materials and fabrics from around the world, our top quality construction is always proudly made in the USA.

What We Do:

  • Proudly handcraft belts & accessories in Virginia since 1986.
  • Use the finest materials available and the best construction practices to manufacture the best damn belts and accessories you can buy.
  • Choose premium fabrics in an array of colors, materials and styles that provide classic, enduring style.
  • Ensure you're happy with your purchase, including free shipping & free returns for every purchase.


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